Why Drums Are Important In The Musical Department?

People tend to misunderstood drummers and as a result playing drums doesn’t bring popularity and importance to the band. Of course, some people will say that being a drummer’s brings support to all of his band members making them the “star” of the show, thus neglecting the drummer himself.


Is that a great sacrifice to bring their band to stardom? No, that is not the whole truth, and the role of the drummer is more important than that. The drums are a musical instrument that brings a good rhythm and beat to all the other musical instruments; it does not mean that the drums are inferior to all the others, such as piano, electric guitar or bass. The drums can bring good music when to stand alone. The problem is the musicians are hesitated in expanding their skills.

People already had this concept the drummers is the least important in the band. To the point that the drummer is not even mentioned nor recognize. Why is that so? Is it because the drummer always hides behind his fellow band members? Or that drummers usually hide in darker areas where they cannot be seen because the role of the spotlight belongs to the lead singer. Whatever the reason it is, it doesn’t erase the fact that some people tend to belittle the drummer, and thus drums aren’t cool in their books.


Possibly that the pop culture prefer to focus more on the singers and guitarist and leaving behind the rest, including the drummer. For years everyone has already adopted the idea that drums aren’t so important, they are indispensable, but that is not the case here. As you can see that there are many famous people who are popular and well-known thanks to his/her impressive drum skills. For example CREAM, the drummer Ginger Baker is a good example of a master drummer. Followed by the rest, the King Crimson Bill Bruford. These men stood out from the rest.

Drummers can be the foundation and the support of the band, the drums can bring a good and proper beat, as the members follow the rhythm of the song, but as a whole, they are all hidden in the closet. Never to see the light of day. People will never understand. But there are some people who believe that being a drummer is something to be proud about. And, whose to say the drums are not important? They are important no matter what. Every band you see there’s always a drummer drumming away, every music you hear someone’s drumming away, no matter where there’s going to be a drummer drumming his song to you.